We know Asia. Our professionals have a total of more than 125 years of experience in Asia, in some instances since the mid-1980's. We also speak the languages (including Mandarin, Japanese, and Indonesian). We understand the culture, the business practices and the logistics. We have practical experience in the legal, accounting and financial details of Asian business. We also know that doing business in Asia can be challenging.

At TCG, our focus is exclusively on Asian companies. For qualifying companies and transactions, we

  • Provide capital that is needed to fund projects and expand existing business operations,
  • Implement strategic fiscal and business plans (including IPO's, reverse mergers and SPAC formations), and
  • Manage and fund large commodity transactions (on both the buy and sell side).

For Asian companies that want to access the Western markets and do not have the practical experience to identify and implement options, TCG is the answer. Just as the Asian business culture is unique (and confusing for many Westerners), so too the Western capital market can be confusing, complex and difficult for Asian companies that are not familiar with the intricacies of that market. Our mission at TCG is to bridge that gap by helping Asian companies. Within Asia, our focus is primarily on three sectors:

  • Natural resources, including telecommunications, and
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate

Within these sectors, TCG provides Investment Banking and Financial Advisory Services, provides Invested  Capital and Fund Management, and manages and funds Commodity Trading Services .